Installation guide

Initial Setup:
- Download the files (download from plugin page)
- Extract the contents from the zip
- Put "PlotSquared.jar" into your "plugins" directory for the server
- Run the server once to generate the necessary files

Database: SQLite
Please remember you can only have SQLite or MySQL but not both

- Navigate to "storage.yml"
- Configure the settings for your SQLite database by setting "sqlite.use" to "true"

Database: MySQL
Please remember you can only have MySQL or SQLite but not both

- Navigate to "storage.yml"
- Configure the settings for your MySQL database
- See here if you have no idea what MySQL is.

Conversion: PlotMe
Please make sure you have completed the steps above
(For conversion of more than 5000 plots we urge you to use MySQL)

Online mode servers

Make sure you have a version of PlotMe that supports UUIDs. If you don't know what that is, just download the latest one from bukkit.

If you are upgrading PlotMe, please wait until after it has updated its database to install PlotSquared (i.e. run the server with the new PlotMe, and let it do it's thing for a bit)

Offline mode servers

Offline mode servers will not need to upgrade their version of PlotMe for the conversion process to take place. The conversion process will still happen automatically, but may take slightly longer than for Online Mode servers.

The Conversion

Now you can install PlotSquared, once you start your server with it, PlotMe conversion will automatically take place. When PlotSquares disables itself (it will tell you in console), the conversion process is complete.

Switching generators

Newer versions will automatically switch the generators and copy configuration if the world can be unloaded (the default world for the server usually cannot be unloaded)

Stop your server now, and delete that pesky "PlotMe.jar". You will now want to switch over the generator from PlotMe to PlotSquared. You can either do this manually, or you can start the server and use the setup command.

If you start the server without having switched over the generators, you may see a debug message saying: Plot 'X;Z' in DB for world 'plotworld' does not exist! Please create this world, or remove the plots from the DB! Don't worry, this is just a gentle reminder for you to switch generators.

Unload the world using your world management plugin
(MultiVerse -> /mv unload [worldname])
(or MultiWorld -> /mw unload [worldname])

Now use the setup command: /plot setup [worldname] PlotSquared
- You may need to refer to your configuration that you have for PlotMe to correctly create the world with the same settings.

Alternatively you could just import the world with MultiVerse/MultiWorld, and edit the generated configuration manually.

World creation
(You will need any plot worlds to be using the PlotSquared generator)

We''ve added a new command to assist with setting up the configuration for a new world:
- /plot setup {world} {generator}
- where {world} is the name of the world and {generator} is the generator you are using (Default PlotSquared)
(Of course you could still create the configuration manually if you really wanted to)

Once you have gone through this command, you are ready to create your new world:

Option 1: Creating a world with Multiverse:

/mv create normal -g PlotSquared

Option 2: Creating a world with Multiworld:

/mw create PlotSquared

Option 3: Editing the generator using Bukkit.yml:

- navigate to you bukkit.yml file (in the root folder)
- set the generator for the world under the "worlds"
Text (bukkit.yml)
worlds: <world name>: generator: PlotSquared
Adding road schematics
Example config
Here is a commented "settings.yml" file that may help:
Text (settings.yml)
version: 1 kill_road_mobs: true web: port: 9000 enabled: false metrics: true max_plots: 20 clear: auto: days: 365 enabled: false debug: true worldguard: enabled: false mob_pathfinding: true auto_update: false worlds: plotworld: plot: height: 64 floor: - '2:0' biome: FOREST size: 32 filling: - '1:0' auto_merge: false event: spawn: breeding: false egg: false custom: true pvp: false pve: false economy: use: false prices: claim: 100.0 sell: 75.0 merge: 100.0 wall: height: 64 filling: '1:0' block: '44:0' road: block: '155:0' height: 64 width: 7 stripes: '98:0' enable_stripes: false schematic: file: 'null' on_claim: false specify_on_claim: false chat: enabled: false flags: default: [] natural_mob_spawning: false