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(PlotSquared is currently in development, and we are continually making improvements)

You shouldn't run a server with an inadequate plot plugin. PlotSquared was created to be fast, efficient, and scalable. Run it on a server with 8 plots or 80,000! It comes as a world generator and a complete plot management system. Action packed with loads of cool features, complete control and configuration, and a rock solid API for other plugins to hook into. Why not try it out?

For those of you that currently use PlotMe, the conversion process is is fast and simple. There are instructions below if you need help.


Fast, Scalable and Efficient
PlotMe conversion
MySQL and SQLite integration
Plot Merging
Built for minecraft 1.5 and above
Multiple customizable generators
Instant plot clearing
Mob protection
Extensive flag system for plots
Four tiers of plot allowance (Owner, Helper, Trusted, Denied)
Web interface
Configurable messages
Configurable plot generation
Plot naming
Solid API
WorldEdit restricted to plots
VoxelSniper restricted to plots (with VoxelSniperRegions plugin)
WorldGuard support for plot flags
Supports non square plots (with AdvPlots addon)
Dynmap integration (with Plot2Dynmap addon)
Metrics (disable in config)
+ More

Optional Dependencies

required for dynmap integration

For schematic based world generation

Generate natural biomes in your plots

Plot rankup and approval system

used to restrict VoxelSniper to plots

can be restricted to plots

for conversion purposes


Detailed installation walk-through

Commands & Permissions

interactive command & permission list


explanation of certain components

Developer Stuff


Source code



 - New unclaim command
 - UUID system is now abstract
 - Now supports minecraft 1.5 and above
 - Improved offline mode support
 - Added config option for max claim area for /plot auto
 - Auto claiming mega plots now works properly
 - Added support for multiple aliases for commands (API)
Changes / Fixes:
 - Fixed an issue with road merging / unlinking
 - Fixed an issue with BlockList in setup not printing the correct string.
 - Fixed an issue with admins receiving money for things they shouldn't
 - Fixed a compatibility issue with glowstone
 - Potentially fixed an issue with MySQL connections ending
 - Fixed plot setowner and mega plots
 - Item frames are now protected as a block rather than an entity
 - Changed to NMS Chunks sending as the bukkit API is unreliable
 - Improved documentation
 - Added numerous command aliases
 - Added database command
 - Added many other blocks to plot set + support for 1.8 blocks
 - Major code cleanup                                                                                                                  
 - Can require pos1 and pos2 to be within your current plot                                                                            
 - Fixed minor issue with plot hierarchy                                                                                               
 - New config option for restricting WorldEdit; "require-selection-in-mask"
 - Fixed some permissions
 - Fixed plot auto from another world
 - Fixed a minor issue with the UUID handler
Changes / Fixes:
 - Fixed obscure bug relating to teleporting to plot roads
 - Other possible fixes
 - Made changes to the plot clearing algorithm:
    = Plot clearing is now async
    = Optimized entity / biome clear
    = Performs well on large plots: ~4.5 seconds on 512x512 plot
 - Added wall block on claim
 - Command tab completion
 - Block lookup for plot set
 - Added debug command category
 - Async schematic pasting and exporting
 - Switched to maven
 - Added table prefix
 - schematic pasting now allows for different sizes
 - Improved documentation (JDocs)
 - Added custom UUID API (can disable in config)
 - Added plot swapping
 - Added support for percentage parameter w/ multi block world generation
 - Chat color support in flags
 - Finalized switch to new permissions system
 - Many commands will now work in console
 - Made DB stuff abstract
 - Added plot rating system
 - Plot commenting (unfinished)
 - Plot titles are now a flag
 - Pagination of plot lists
 - Added a load of new flags
    = pvp
    = pve
    = titles
    = notify-enter
    = notify-leave
    = item-drop
    = invincible
    = instabreak
    = drop-protection
    = forcefield
    = heal
    = feed
    = greeting
    = farewell
Changes / Fixes:
- schematics sometimes not being handled correctly
- plot delete not calling plot leave event
- worldguard plot setowner
- plot visit
- worldedit mask not updating on owner transfer
- MySQL load times for large amount of plots
- Plot admin now can claim unlimited plots
- fixed an obscure bug with the plot world failing to load
- various events
- tweaks to improve stability of flag and plot merging DB entries
- PlotMe converter sometimes having issues unloading the world
- Flags are now only displayed if the user has permission for them

New addons(since we last posted a changelog)
- BiomeGenerator
- PlotRankup
- PlotWeb (Finished/will release soon)
Woah! We've made a lot of changes since the last release... I mean, like... an incredible amount of changes.

 - Plot Copy
 - Plot Paste
 - Plot purging
 - Setup command
 - Support for external generators
 - Better economy support
 - Better UUID handling
 - Schematics for auto claiming
 - Improved worldguard support
 - Added trusted users
 - more console commands
 - added a bunch of new flags
 - and much more

Changes / Fixes:
 - SQLite
 - Configuration Errors
 - Schematics (memory leak)
 - Plot Home Position
 - Plot merging not saving
 - Economy management
 - Fix for large roads
 - Server crashes
 - DB Upgrades
 - Started working on rate system...
 - Improved worldedit support
 - Fixed plot clearing
 - tons of small but annoying bugs

Empire has been very kind and has totally remade the whole generation system. We now support third-party generators and allow them to supply us with IDs/Functions. This will allow for some extreme customization.

The new UUID system will allow you to use UUIDs of players that haven't been on the server (helpers, trusted, deny, setowner etc...) is both faster and more efficient than the old system we had.
- Various bug fixes
- Finished implementing mega plots
- Added setup command /plot setup {world}
- Added command to teleport players out of your plot /plot kick
- Improved performance for PlotMe converter
- Added trusted users (can only build with plot owner online)
- Basic economy features
- WorldGuard support (+ config option)
- Supports WorldEdit 6 (hopefully)
- PlotMe converter should work for offline-mode servers (untested)
- Added subcommand to list plots shared with you: /plot list shared
- Can claim mega plots using /plot auto X,Z (X,Z are the dimensions of plot)
Some other stuff, probably.
- Improved plot searching 23 fold
- Improved speed of plot clearing considerably
- several other tweaks

Bug fixes
- Fixed plot protection sometimes causing NPEs
- Fixed WG (not fully implemented) for WG 6+

- plot clear now only clears the terrain
- added plot delete which clears and then deletes the plot
- Added the basic framework for mega-plots
Added WorldGuard support
Fixed several bugs
For those of you upgrading from a previous installation, the MySQL should add all the new columns and such... but, it may fail on some systems, in which case you will need to recreate the tables.

Also, as we switched to YML (and added a heap of new options) you will need to reconfigure the plugin.

Enjoy :D
Improved API
Multiple plotworlds
Added road stripes
Added SQLite support (I know I said we wouldn't...)
Added schematic support (apply a schematic to a plot on claim)...